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Let me give you an understanding of the insurance process, and you will see why you are not getting the full market value for your total loss vehicle. Insurance Companies typically use three independent companies to determine a vehicles total loss value. CCC, Mitchell and Audatex. These three companies also write and sell the estimating software that is used by the Insurance and collision repair industries to determine if a vehicle is repairable or a total loss. Conflict of interest?

When a vehicle is determined to be a total loss, the insurance adjuster will fill out a form with vehicle options, mileage and condition rating. CCC, for example, will then begin searching the databases of car dealerships and newspaper ads to try to find comparable vehicles for sale that match the vehicle listed on the CCC form filled out by the adjuster. CCC will try to find up to 9 vehicles and then average them all together to come up with a market value. The problem is that this methodology is flawed, and the insurance companies know it.

CCC will play a shell game and use vehicles that have less options or more options than the subject vehicle, and then start adding and subtracting dollar amounts. In most cases, the additions are to low and the subractions are too high. CCC will also use vehicles that have a "Dirty Carfax" in their comparables, further lessening the subject vehicles value. Under Appraisal Clause on this site, I have posted an actual CCC Valuation to show you the inaccuracies in their report, as well as the low amount that was offered to the insured.

It is crucial that you contact Total Loss LLC, to get an idea of what your vehicle is worth vs. what the insurance company will give you. Total Loss LLC does not charge you for a estimated value.

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