Get a Thorough Assessment

We’ll provide an estimate for you, the insurance company

When your client has been in an auto accident and the vehicle is a total loss, you need a qualified insruance adjuster to look at the vehicle. Total Loss LLC offers thorough inspection and estimating to ensure that you are getting a accurate market value of your clients vehicle.

With over 20 years experience in the Insurance Industry, we understand the frustration in getting documented, accurate conditioning from IA’s on Total Loss vehicles. We take over 60 photos during the 1 hour inspection process. We inspect everything on the vehicle, from the glove box to the undercarriage. Every paint chip and scratch is documented.It is our goal to leave no stone unturned during the inspection process.
We always write a separate UPD estimate, which includes additional operations needed to complete the UPD repair. Call 208 409-6060 today to schedule an appraisal of your total loss vehicle.

We work hard to save you money

We make a guarantee to insurance companies that if we can’t prove $300.00 in Unrelated Prior Damage or Condition Rating Adjustments, our service is free. This applies to vehicles model year 2016 and older. Save money on the bottom line by contacting Total Loss for appraisal services.